Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Buffets in Victoria

A few new, and possibility exciting, buffet dining experiences have been created for us recently.

Here's a list:

SpiceJammer $12 (Thursday Lunch Only)

Went here a few weeks ago and it was about as blahzay as most Indian food tailored to a western palate is: Brendan actually overheard a waitress say to another diner, "We don't make anything too spicy, because we know some people can't handle it?" Oh, so you purposefully make your food more boring than it's supposed to be? Thanks for not exciting us too much, I really fucking appreciate it.

I brought my camera along on this trip, but totally forgot to take pictures. They only had about four or five dishes, and none of them were daal. The hottest hot sauce for the pakoras did make me sweat a little, and was pretty tasty, but everything else was fairly tepid. Total disappointment.

India Curry House $12 (Monday-Thursday Lunch Only)

This other local food blog gives India Curry House decent marks. The writer is Indian, so there is hope this place isn't the waste of time that most other local Indian buffets are.

Al-Sultan Restaurant

No idea on the pricing or what part of the day this buffet is available, but I'll guess it's a lunch thing, and probably around $10. I have pretty high hopes for this one.