Friday, May 28, 2010

Fountain Restaurant | 4-2680 Blanshard Street | 250.381.3318

Weird nonsensical Chinglesh posters hanging behind fake apple walls.

The dinner buffet might get it done here, but its lunch hour cousin is all Lady and the Tramp style alley-garbage dinner without the romance.

These comments made while dining pretty much sum it up:

From Bruce: "How do you fuck up corn?"

Me: "I've never had Jello that actually just tasted like gelatine. There is nearly no orange flavour in this. It's like they just added food colouring."

You can pretty much apply any variation on these comments to A LOT of the other items. Some of the big ticket items (fried rice, chow mein, ginger beef) are passable, but otherwise it's all pretty bafflingly bad. I actually spat out a gyoza before biting all the way through it. The mango ice cream was essentially the only thing I wanted to go for seconds of.

I've heard dinner buffet here is better, with many more items, but our lunch really was depressingly bad. Unfortunate seeing as I've never had any qualms with Fountain's delivery meals. Suffice to say; this isn't the triumphant return to the buffet game we were all hoping Fountain would serve up.

EDIT: Went back and tried dinner buffet on June 6th. A few items definitely make it more worthwhile (jumbo fish sticks, dessert rolls, crab), but overall I still think it's a bit of a loser. Especially at $18 on the weekend. I do believe there is potential for improvement though. Give it another month or two and it might be worth return trips.

Price for Lunch: $9
Rating: 2.8/5


Anonymous said...

Note: I think Chinese jello is supposed to taste like that. I've tried many a bowl of jello at Chinese jellos and they always end up tasting more akin to grass jelly than any Western jelly creation.

Anonymous said...

New owners, new selection. Check it out.

jacobcarte said...

have you been back?
I am planning a birthday at a buffet, and would like to know what you feel are the top 3 of Victoria

Anonymous said...

Been going there for years and actually love(most of) the food but the service.......oh the service...

EVERY TIME we ate there they either forgot something we ordered or brought the wrong thing....EVERY. TIME.

My gf ordered steamed oysters 1 time and got a huge deep fried sampler plate(YUCK!!!).

Lunch buffet was really good in early 2010 but shortly after had a bad experience...went in @ noon for lunch and the buffet table was 80% empty and NO DIM SUM !
waited 5 min. to be seated only for people arriving after I did to be seated first(I guess they don't value sit alones even if they've spent lots of money there with big groups in the past), finally got my table and with no fresh food in sight AND NO LABELS ON THE MYSTERY FOOD(they will charge you an additional $5.00 if you don't eat it) I did a 180 and went to Wendy's.

Delivery is great but can take a looooong time, very hit & miss.

Dining in...never again, no way.
Like I said, ate there many times and never got our order right once.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst Chinese food in Victoria, by a magnitude. They used to have decent lunch and dim sum, but I went there a couple of weeks ago with my kids, and paid a fortune for a buffet that we could hardly eat. It was truly nasty, a caricacture of bad Chinese food. We will never go back. My own fault for not checking out the buffet more carefully before committing, but I've had decent food there in the past. Probably when under the old management.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is the worse restaurant. Save your money, go somewhere else, any fast food restaurant is better than this. It is not worth your money!! The food is salty, and tasteless, the services is garbage and the staff is rude. Even the pop is nasty. DO NOT EAT HERE.

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