Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Un-Official Statement on the Future of the Buffet Blog

Two months ago we all received some debilitating news. It was at this time when Guy Alaimo, head-writer and CEO of the Victoria Buffet Blog, announced his retirement from the world of buffet critique. Since this announcement, the future of the Victoria Buffet Blog has been in doubt. Today I would like to ensure blog readers, and the public at large, that the Buffet Blog is not dying.

I am a long time contributor to the Buffet Blog, and would like to announce today that I will be taking over head-writing duties until either Mr. Alaimo returns to the blog, or he chooses a successor. These are exciting times in the Victoria all-you-can-eat/buffet world: summer saw the opening of a buffet at the Indian Market, the premiere of Posh on the island, and the advent of a Sunday brunch buffet at the Loghouse Pub.

In the coming months expect coverage of the Empress' curry buffet, the pending grand opening of Kuku's Buffet, and updates on previously reviewed eateries. At this time I plan to update the blog once every three months or so. I will admit this marks a drop in content, but I believe the alternative of no blog at all is a far harsher reality.

I would like to thank Guy, and his brother Angelo for their unwavering commitment to the championing of buffet culture over the past year and a half. I would also like to thank Guy for allowing me to be part of the outstanding community service that is the Buffet Blog. I look forward to attempting to take a walk in his shoes.


Donald Kennedy
Head-Writer/Founder Victoria Burger Blog
Contributor Victoria Buffet Blog

Monday, September 21, 2009

Posh | 102-1063 Fort Street | 250.382.7674 |

All-You-Can-Eat Sukiyaki

Goddamnned camera sucks balls in low-light. My apologies.

Having finally secured a job that offers me more than ten hours a week, and having also received a little bridge financing from the 'rents, I decided to celebrate my good fortune through gluttony with a trip to Posh. Posh recently expanded operations (there are already three locations in Vancouver) a few weeks ago by unveiling its first Victoria restaurant in a spot formerly occupied by Med-Grill. Sukiyaki style cooking arms eaters with a shallow cooking pot filled with sukiyaki sauce (a sort of sweet soya sauce) and cabbage. You toss some meat and veges in there, let 'em soak up the sweetness of the cabbage water/sauce mix, and then dip your meat in raw egg if you feel so inclined (different from Shabu Shabu where you do not cook directly in sauce).

At Posh your options for meat are beef, pork, cod, and fish cakes. For vegetables you've got an array of mushrooms, yam, zuchinni, and probably a few other things I forget. You also have the ability to toss udon noodles into the pot as well as vermicelli, tofu, and baked tofu.

The meaty shitake mushrooms are the highlight here as they maintain a good texture after cooking, and the sweetness of the sukiyaki blends well with the flavour of the shitake. The pork and beef cooked up pleasantly in the sauce, but weren't as enjoyable flavour-wise as the Korean BBQ-style options you get at Sura on Douglas. The soft, eggy coating, however, does combine with the sweet sauce in a way that allows each meaty morsel to wrap its way around your mouth fabulously.

The cod is a definite disapointment here however, as it tastes like a sour, sweaty fishmonger's shop smells in the heat of the early afternoon (in other words, "too fishy"). Overall eating at Posh is an enjoyable experience, but sukiyaki is perhaps better enjoyed in a non all-you-can-eat format: the food is good, but it all sort of starts tasting the same after shoveling it in non-stop for half-an-hour.

Finally a little bit of advice: don't bother with the Udon noodles. Yes, they taste good in the sukiyaki sauce, but they totally take up the whole pot and can really end up fucking up your flow: better to stick with meat and veges. It should also be noted that Posh is still young, and I have absolutely no idea if at some point in the future things like sushi and tempura will be added to the menu. At this point in time I would say the price for all-you-can-eat is fair, but it's not exactly the deal of the century (although the bottomless pop is a plus). I may have left loving the Passionfruit 7-Up more than I did most of the food, but I'd still say Posh is worth checking out.

Price: $24