Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Raymonds on Admirals Re-brands Itself as 'Royal Palace'?

Yes, that's right - the Victoria Buffet Blog is not dead!

What seems to be dead though is the name 'Raymond's' at it's (now previous?) location on Admirals in View Royal! Perhaps, they have gone through a re-branding as the site still sports the Raymond-esque neon signs, but this time with the name Royal Palace.

Interestingly enough, their window-posted menu claims "WE ARE THE BEST BUFFET IN TOWN" which as you can see contradicts the ratings to the immediate right of this text ->

Apart from the signs and name, it appears Raym.. er Royal Palace will only be offering a Lunch Buffet with this new iteration. Moreover, if this restaurant really did just go through a name change, and their food quality remains the same, I can assure you they are NOT the best buffet in town which can be noted from the previous review of Raymonds at the same location.

Expect a review up early next week.