Monday, December 28, 2009

Special holiday message from yours truly

Hello everyone,

As 2009 dawns into a new decade, I have to say the 2000's were a time of discovery and fun for myself. While the world was apparently going to shit, I was taking a shit from eating way to many cinnamon egg rolls at the wonder wok. It makes me realize how truly lucky I really am to be alive, and to have been a resident of Victoria, B.C for so many wonderful, memorable years. Again, as we approach a new decade, change sets in. Personally, change comes in the form of location. For the foreseeable future I will be residing in Toronto, Ontario, and my status regarding buffet reviewing remains unchanged; however, this blog remains in the best of hands, and there is absolutely nobody other than Donald Kennedy who I trust more with taking the Buffet Blog into the next decade. As I sit in this rack shack cafe, stealing free internet and listening to a remix of "I cant go for that" by Hall and Oates, I reminisce and almost cry thinking about the times that are behind me. But as I look out the window, I know there is so much waiting for me. Take care my loves, and until next time, screw healthy eating.