Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chinese City Buffet Restaurant - 100-182 Wilson Street, Victoria B.C - - (250) 381-2838

Trying to find a half-decent buffet in Victoria is like trying to find a girl in her early twenties who doesn't post every single picture of herself, and her friends, getting plastered at the bar on Facebook. This being said, if you enjoy eating unclean fish, going to the bar and taking home one of those capture happy nightclub queens, might be a better bet than trying the fish at Szechuan City... i mean Chinese City.
If you remember the old Szechuan City, nothings changed, except the name and possibly the management. If you can all remember the great Szechuan City Divorce Disaster (SCDD) of 2005, this buffet is just one of the latest ripple effects felt by the great SCDD.
Szechuan City was once a powerhouse. Their downfall was as quick a turnaround as the Ottawa Senators fall from prominence (they were never good enough), and the quality of the food deteriorated just as their other stores were being shut down and having their names changed. A good example of this is Chinese Village in Saanichton. What's up with Chinese restaurants putting the word town, village, city, hamlet, world, in their title?
Anyways, onto the food. It was the exact same as the Szechuan City that once rested in its place.
There was boring, standard over salted calamari, shrimp (randomly uncleaned) with snow peas, terrible fried rice, chow mein that just sits for hours since they put out such a huge amount out all at once, soggy ginger fried beef and watery sweet and sour pork. Nothing about this place was original or effort laden. The spring rolls were even those little Safeway packaged looking motherfuckers that I have detested since the beginning of my buff days. What does it take to put out regular spring rolls? Fuck.
Take a pass on this buffet unless you really enjoy Kleinburg Bars and Ice Cream on tap.

Price for Lunch:
Around $11 after taxes



dk said...

ha oh man, I seem to remember Bruce knocking back at least 10 Kleinburg bars at this place

Gaetano said...

Yeah kleinburg bars and shrimp. thats his thing. u should have seen how mad he was when the raymonds on admirals got rid of the canadian section. two things he loved in life; raymonds canadiana and kleinburgs with shrimp plates

Anonymous said...

Interesting you would mention "Saanichton". That's the restaurant the lady previously sold who now owns Wilson Street. Sad, pathetic, food. A buffet periodically inspected to see if a tray needs replenished by a towering troglodite appearing out of the kitchen wearing broken down running shoes and clothes that should be in a their food.

Anonymous said...

this is place is actually one of my favorite buffets it go to in town! the food there is great and the price is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember this buffet. I've been there once and I find the food their quite enjoyable actually. Everything was tasty and fresh. I was quite surprised by the amount of selection they have.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous said May 8, 2010 11:24 PM

Really?Could your grammar be any more brutalized?

"This is place is..."

You might as well be the owner who somehow managed to get away with writing "Cash moneys only" of "item 5 with vegteblers"

The food is not great and the price would only be reasonable if you offered your buffet at McDick's prices under 10, and on then if you expected to have a bunch of hung-over drunk students coming for your greasy, rubbery, MSG-laden, faux-Chinese buffet.