Saturday, January 31, 2009


The Raymonds on Admirals no longer offers a Canadian side to their buffet. The side, which at its peak contained almost two dozen items, was closed due to what a Raymonds waitress called, "not enough customer." The exact cause of the lack of customers is unknown.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tipping at a Buffet

I personally don't, but once in a while it's nice to reward consistency with an occasional loonie or toonie.

Friday, January 9, 2009

May Gold Village: Believe the Hype

May Gold Village is regarded as a mecca amongst island over-eaters. A number of times over the last few months I have been asked whether or not I have had the pleasure of partaking in the May Gold experience. The reaction was always the same when I answered no: a mix of pity for my unfortunate situation, and hero worship for May Gold. I imagine people that missed seeing the moon-landing right away probably experienced the same amount of grievous sympathy from their peers. After finally visiting May Gold this week, I can say it is completely worthy of the status this blog and others have bestowed upon it.

There may be rat shit all over the kitchen, but thankfully this delightful western-style Chinese buffet doesn't let that affect food flavour . May Gold is the type of buffet where you eat out of desire; not obligation. The texture of the mushroom pork with black bean allows each flavourful bite to glide down your gullut with the greatest of ease, making you quickly hop back to the trough for more (rat shit, or no rat shit).

Noodle and vege dishes may be few and far between, but the ones available are done right. The greasy moisture of the chow-mein allows it to mingle naturally with the meat dishes, or stand strong on its own. As for the vege dishes available—they sop up sauces masterfully, and are presented fresh and free of slime.

As good as the food is here, the real star of the buffet is the steak sauce. The salty brown sauce with its timid tang is incredibly addictive. Slather this stuff on some white rice and feel your taste buds light up like Candy Cane Lane in December. If any restaurant can catapult me back to the glory days of five plate averages; May Gold can.