Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Paisley, 880B Esquimalt Road, Esquimalt, B.C -- 250-380-1105

It's an exciting time to love buffets in Victoria. They seem to be sprouting up at an astonishing pace, and all-you-can-eat Sunday brunches are a dime a dozen. But one thing that isn't very common in Victoria, are western style buffets that offer something ordinary, while being exotic at the same time.

The Paisley is a protein heavy buffet, that offers a few simple, but satisfying dishes. Their shake and bake chicken is juicy, and their use of dark meat is rampant. Savory bangers soaking in gravy also soothe the stomach, and are eerily tender; melting in your mouth.  There is also rice and some sort of Indian sliced beef. If you need a quick pasta fix, fill up on penne!

The buffet could have used more items, but the price is right for what you get. A nice little selection of hot entrees for ten bucks; you can't go wrong if you're in the Esquimalt area, begging for a buffet that doesn't offer sweet and sour pork. 


Imagine Boston Pizza teaming up with your mom to serve a buffet, but they cut a deal to only buy from CostCo. If you can wrap your mind around that, you'll understand what the Paisley lunch buffet tastes like: adequate. There are no standouts at this buffet, but there is nothing particularly disgusting either.

The sausages in gravy had been marinating so long it was hard to discern whether or not they still had casing, but damn it if Ed Sum didn't knock back at least ten of those yoghurty little dandees. The beef in the stirfry was dry, but passable, and the pasta sauce for the penne had just enough flavour to let you know what it would taste like at somewhere other than a family restaurant. If I ate this food at a friend's house, I would be satisfied with it–and that's where service comes into place. The service at Paisley is excellent; we showed up with 10 minutes of buffet time left and the staff had no problem keeping it open late for us. The staff is so nice here that you might as well be at your best friend's house for Sunday dinner: because of that I'm willing to live with the generally lacklustre buffet items. The End.

Price For Lunch(Mon to Fri, 11-1:30): $9.99 plus tax


Trevor Stack said...

More excellent reporting!

Anonymous said...

I love your reports. You should try the sunday brunch at the grand resort in Cowichan. 120 items. It is the largest buffet on the island. 19.95 a person.

Anonymous said...

Here are some more buffets that are good but a drive and ferry away. There is a good one at the Skagit Hotel and Casino, and in Tulalip at the casino/ hotel. The BEST buffet ever is the golden correll/ corall? in Marysville. The have a website you can check out. The buffet is huge and they even have steaks to order.

Anonymous said...

Now the dudes wearing a Nobunny shirt! Seriously, get this guy to email me at

- Dionysius said...

Since this seems to be a place to mention large mixed buffets a little farther afield (like off-Island), I wanted to mention a place I ate at sometime ago at the edge of Maple Ridge in the Fraser Valley. I believe it was called Buffet City and boasted about 300 items; some Chinese and Japanese, but a lot of "occidental". It was so big that it was very hard to make decisions on which food items to try since there was no possibility of being able to sample everything. I particularly remember with fondness the Dim Sum bar, nicely prepared hot meat dishes of chicken, turkey, duck, beef, pork, lamb, and all kinds of fish and ocean invertebrates. Vegetable dishes were fresh and colorful and various pastas were hot, firm (al dente), and not a bit soggy! The roasts were excellent and I even enjoyed the variety of the salad bar which included pickled mushrooms, capers, artichokes, alfalfa sprouts, and Stilton cheese. It was memorable! I only hope it is still there.

Anonymous said...