Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zap Thai, 1207 Esquimalt Road, Esquimalt B.C - - (250) 389-1845

Zap Thai is a sardine-can establishment that offers the only Thai food buffet in the city. Shockingly enough, it escaped my radar for over two years, and has been serving up buffet to thousands of hungry patrons during their busy lunch hour. The unorthodox layout of the buffet turns the line into a game of twister between cooks and customers. There were many times when I had to go behind the counter to grab some Thai spring rolls, narrowly missing water jug yielding waitresses.

There were only six items, and lucky for me, the only two Thai food items I really enjoy were there. Pad Thai, spring rolls, red curry, coconut curry, some sort of beef and vegetable stew and steamed rice were readily available and piping hot. The items were replaced frequently, and the spring rolls were pretty good, stuffed with some sort of transparent vermicelli.
The Pad Thai was what you would expect from any take-out restaurant. I would have liked to see bigger chunks of tofu, and maybe some beef, but it filled my craving.
The red and coconut curry were fairly decent. Just make sure you put enough steamed rice down to soak in the curry runs.

The selection at Zap Thai is a little meager, but for the small size of the restaurant I would say they are fair. Often, I have payed too much for take-out Thai food, only to discover the dishes bursting at the seams with bean sprouts, especially Pad Thai. Coming to Zap Thai ensures that I will get what I want for just a little over ten bucks, but still leaves me wanting more.

Price for Lunch, Fridays only: $11.75

EDIT: Price listed at $10.50 as of July 31, 2009.


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barazzuol said...

Oi! Guy i'd almost forgotten about this place. A decent thai place; i'd forgotten about its friday buffet!