Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Marina Restaurant, 1327 Beach Drive, Victoria, B.C - - (250) 598-8555

The Oak Bay Marina is my favorite place to eat buffet. Not only do they offer several quality items, but they also offer a fun place to eat in a relaxed atmosphere with very friendly staff.
The idiot in the back of the above picture wearing the Canucks jersey is myself. I lost a hockey bet with my friend, and my punishment was to wear that jersey and pay for his meal. Even though the buffet was close to 35 bucks a head after taxes, I felt more of a burning sting after being forced to wear that shitty jersey.

The buffet line consists a wide spectrum of dishes; roast beef as seen above, typical breakfast fare including two types of eggs benedict and an omellete station, thai noodles, excellent sushi, and a generous selection of seafood.

There are many different types of salads as well.

Desert offers quite a few options. Blueberry and blackberry cheesecake, mousse, chocolate cake and fresh fruit only touch the tip of the iceberg in terms of selection.

The highlight for me was the seafood. Specifically the prawns.

Fresh and firm, the prawns were easy to peel and very refreshing.

The eggs benedict were one of a kind, rich and creamy. Thick breakfast sausages, while a shock to the system, were grilled to perfection.

Auggie tries to impress with a few prawns nestled beside a plop of cocktail sauce, a sliver of chicken breast, celery with a drizzle of blue cheese and cous-cous. Quite possibly the least impressive buffet plate ever created. I was not impressed.

Having visited this place several dozen times, the prawns never fail, but sometimes the main dishes do. On this particular occasion the main dishes were not overwhelming, but still good enough. The roast beef was on but the thai noodles were nothing special. The important thing is, nothing sucked. When you factor in very high quality seafood into a spectacular atmosphere, it's hard not to leave happy. The service was quick, polite, unobtrusive and helpful. Fresh squeezed juice comes with the buffet and the apple juice is great.

Price for Sunday brunch: $28.95 plus tax


Anonymous said...

I think the Brunch Buffet at Aura (Laurel Point Inn) may rival the Marina's buffet. At $31 each, it is worth every cent.

matt R. said...

Thanks for the feedback!