Monday, April 14, 2008

Sabri Indian Cuisine, 3480 Tillicum Road, Victoria B.C - - (250)388-4655

I'll be honest with you. I am a food addict. Not the kind of food addict that guilts over eating an extra taco during dinner, or the kind who frets while the girl of my dreams walks in on me packing down two Big Macs and a double cheeseburger with extra sweet and sour sauce.
No no no. I'm the kind of food addict that wakes up, and the first thing on my mind
isn't the "big test", or the "funny joke" in Austin Powers 2. My first thoughts are about what I'm going to eat. So, this morning I thought of trying one of the few East Indian buffets that the city of Victoria has to offer, rather than thinking about trying a Szechuan City, par example.

First of all, I've enjoyed this buffet before. It's only 10.95 for dinner, and they set you up with a jug of cold water before you run to the tables.

Second of all, this is coming from the viewpoint of someone who's only Indian buffet experience so far, is Sabri's, so I'm going to make this short, and judge it solely on taste before I let Donald Kennedy perform a thorough "chime in".

The Tandoori chicken looked dry, but it was one of the moistest, tastiest pieces of chicken I've ever tried, and rested well on top of basmati rice, nestling between butter chicken and yellow curry.
I dipped big pieces of naan (East Indian bread) into the butter chicken and curry after devouring two or three veggie kabobs, which resembled deep fried potato balls. They were quite filling, and I don't suggest eating these unless you fully understand the fullness factor when trying to perform well at a buffet. Two of those puppies are the equivalent to a plate of Tandoori chicken. Nonetheless, I covered those sweet little balls in a white yogurt curry; a creamy dipping sauce, that was very good, and was reminiscent of ranch sauce with lots of cream in it.

Donald Kennedy:

Sabri's makes me hate the people of Victoria just a little bit. Sabri's is arguably the most recommended buffet in the city, and like many things the casual, amateur dinner-goer recommends... it's kind of underwhelming. The curry tastes like yogurt, the chick peas had a faint taste of tomato that had no business being there, and there was only one bread option. The daal was pretty decent and the tandoori chicken was at least up to buffet standard. The butter chicken had cubed chicken, as opposed to nice chunks. I have to say I found that slightly off-putting.

Most importantly there was simply a lack of items, and I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask for this buffet to be fleshed out a little. I suppose Sabri's is better than Maharajah, but it's probably not a place I'd bother frequenting.

I miss eating at Indian buffets that have cashew curry, and home-made ice cream. Indian milk just tastes fucking awesome for some reason; like breast milk from a giant sexy almond or something.

There's little sexiness at Sabri's, and the numerous signs telling me not to waste food are completely unnecessary. I don't come to buffets to stare at large plates of food, I come to eat them.

I will commend Sabri's for one fabulous decision they've made: they didn't attempt to add any traditional Indian desserts to the buffet line.

PRICE 10.95 for Dinner + tax

Just wanted to mention that there is an excellent ice cream place in the same plaza as Sabri's if you want desert.


dk said...

I'm envious of your design layout.

Also wicked review.

Gaetano said...

hahha you like that shit dont you.

good luck if you think your going to pick my brain on those little design layout ditties

Neil said...

To be Fair, I'm Pretty sure Uncle Willy's had a better Indian Buffet.

beamer67ca said...

Hey! What the hell! Eating there was my idea! You didn't call! I'm Pissed!
I'm gonna kick your ass!!!

Jordan said...

Terrific revue Gaetano, I await the day I'm graced with the opportunity to attend a buffet with you.

Steve said...

Sabris is arguably the crappiest indian food I've ever had. I wish we had a good Indian restaurant in Victoria so people would actually have something to compare it to.

Chrissy said...


There's a new Indian Buffet opening on West Burnside called Kuku's. I think it opens in mid April. OMFG their take out is the best thing I've ever eaten, so I'm guessing the buffet will be fabulous.

Cheers, you guys rock

Chrissy :)

Anonymous said...

Kuku's is set to open in April 3011

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the kitchen and bathroom at Sabri? Discusting.

Anonymous said...

You seriously have to change your rating on this buffet. The staff all look like they're waiting to die so they don't have to work there anymore and the food is a reflection of that attitude.