Monday, April 28, 2008

May Gold Village, 701 Goldstream Avenue, Langford, BC - - (250) 391-8899

May Gold Village is a busy restaurant located at the busy intersection of Veterans Parkway and Goldstream Avenue in Langford, British Columbia. They have been offering a lunch and dinner buffet since they opened their business in 2005. After my last visit, I realized something.


Let’s be honest. The only thing that was worth putting up with Japanese Village’s bullshit for was that amazing yellow steak sauce. Read a review on Japanese Village; they mention the steak sauce. That fucking sauce does so much for Japanese Village, they don’t even clean the place anymore (look at the waterfall the next time you go in there).

If you want your steak sauce, here it is. Maygold has it, on tap, and unlimited. Conveniently nestled beside it, is a tray of steamed white rice, creating a perfect situation for the steak sauce/ rice fanatic.

I was so happy with the simplicity/ happiness factor of the buffet; I almost overlooked the myriad of other unique dishes that were presented before me inside the large restaurant (the place looked like it could seat 200 people).

To name a few:

Honey chicken. Yes, that’s right. I didn’t forget to put the word garlic between honey and chicken. They may have just dipped these boneless chunks of lightly fried chicken into the hive, because they were sweet, tender and were as simple and delicious as any buffet item in the Capitol region.

Strips of lean pork sautéed in garlic and glazed with traditional sweet and sour sauce.

Three types of sushi; Dynamite rolls (fried prawns), California rolls (avocado, mayo, imitation crab) and Yam rolls. Even though they were practicing the old trick of making the sushi with more rice than what is normally accepted, probably to fill up costumers with rice, it was still nice to have a sushi option with wasabi and pickled ginger.

Further rounding out the buffet were peanut honey chicken skewers, almond chicken, sweet and sour pork and honey garlic spare ribs.

The mushroom pork with black beans was filled with meat, which was the defining point of this buffet: lot’s of meat. They did have vegetable dishes such as deep fried yams and spring rolls, but the overwhelming majority of the dishes cater to the carnivore.

It should be noted that the food was high in salt, a lot higher then their competitors, but as long as the drinks are flowing, this shouldn't ruin your experience.

The customer service in terms of handling beverages was lacking, but the fountain machine dispensing pops was customer friendly, meaning you could actually get up and grab your own soft drinks if the waitress was to busy.

Overall, I like what May Gold has done. They provide a tasty buffet, that does not lack in selection like so many other buffets in the region claim to have, and they do it without breaking your balls.

If you want to have a good time with your buddies and pig out on some delectable dishes without feeling disappointed, right now May Gold is your best bet.

Price for Lunch: $9.25 + tax


dk said...

Some high marks for this little nugget.

Nice job on the exposure of cheeky rice padding of sushi dishes.

I had never realized that sly shit.

Jordan Stout said...

ah the former home of mr mikes & the sabri buffet (i believe? that name maybe wrong). many have tried to fill that location, but by the looks of your photos & your friendly review it would seem that may gold has finally done it.

i will visit this location, and when i'm greeted i will tell them i am visiting on the referral of mr gaetano of the VBB.

Trevor Stack said...

It seems like this place has it all. It's even within my budget...

I appreciate your repeated emphasis on a steady drink supply. I don't think I could have pulled off my personal best: 52 chicken mcnuggets, without a river of root beer lubing up my gullet.

What's next on the buffet trail?

Gaetano said...

yes! thank you trevor! someone who understands the importance of a nice, cold drink to eliminate discomforting thirst!!

i happen to remember that day when you ate 52 nuggets. it was a mount doug legend, only comparable to ryan brachs 30 slice performance at pizza hut in our grade 11 year. 52 nuggets will go down in history as one of the eating feats of our lifetime

Gaetano said...

o and to answer your question about whats next, szechuan city on burnside

Neil said...

Sweet and Salty, and kind of hard on the stomach.... but aren't they all?

5/5 for originality in buffet menu.. but falls a close second to Raymond's lunch buffet and their glorious golden nugget shrimp balls.

dk said...

30 slices is one hell of a performance.

Sean McNulty said...

Good call on May Gold Village, the food there is spectacular!

Sean McNulty

Anonymous said...


Gaetano said...


Anonymous said...

this was the shittiest chinese and japanese food I ever had. It's like "chinese" food court food that no chinese person would ever eat because it's not actually chinese. and it costs $15 per person when you could have got more in a food court for $5. why do you think most chinese people aren't fat f***s? because they don't eat stuff that comes out of a deep fryer. Oh, and check out the giant tupperware bins of battered meat sitting on the floor between the kitchen and the dining area. there is no f***ing way that that meat is going to be used tonight so why isn't it in the fridge?

Gaetano said...

hey man. im glad to hear your opinion on why you think chinese people aren't fat fucks. thats great. so what was wrong with the place, other than the food being unauthentic and shitty? was the sushi gross? was the steak sauce too salty?. did you have to take a shit immediately after? its too bad theres not any real authentic chinese food buffets in the city. that would be sweet.

Anonymous said...

shitty, shotty, shitty - the food is terrible, the place is filthy, it is poorly taken are of - and I agree - way more, and better food in a food court...could there be more deep fried options? i feel like making myself barf just so i would feel better - the dessert was crappy too - and did i mention dirty? if you have to shit right after - hold it until you get home - cause the can is disgusting.
my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Actaully, Maygolds isn't that bad. If you are looking at a place that you need to go for a good time and that is fast getting in to without any reservations, maygolds will do it.. Plus they Deliver. Yes the food maybe a bit greasy and there isn't much of a selection but i must say it gets my props when you want to go out with some friends.

Anonymous said...

May Gold was absolutely disgusting. Will never go back. Was tempted to ask for a refund. Poorest food in town.

Anonymous said...

Went there once for their "seafood buffet"........BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Seafood ?

If there was any seafood there it all got ate before I walked in and it looked like possibly after a few months of people eating greasy food with their hands had build up such as residue on the glass surface of their door they just eventually gave up trying to clean it off.

Sushi was semi warm, dry, overloaded with rice & mayo.

Everything else was shitty city, old, dried, mystery meat, looked gross or looked better than it tasted.

Big pass, once was enough.

Anonymous said...

the food is good here, if theres nothing when your there you prolly just came in after a rush, they get alot of them an they refill everything pretty fast most of the time. imuch like a food court then stop going to a buffet an go to a actual restaurant that makes what you order an not just keep pumping out all they can so the other people complain cause theres nothing there to choose from. good luck finding a gourmet buffet. stop being cheap an spend the cash if your gonna whine an bitch

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, this is a blog where people share their experience with said establishment.
This is NOT a praise only blog ! ! !

Sorry if that's what you were expecting.
Can't take critique where it is NEEDED then don't read this blog you fricken baby ! :P

Anonymous said...

Urlop nad morzem

Anonymous said...

Very fair review and perceptive. One of the things I like about this buffet is that they change the food offered from time to time, variety is good :)
Some prize prats comment on these blogs though don't they? The one that makes me laugh is "it's not real Chinese/Indian/Japanese/etc food". When you consider the size and population of China, etc it kind of illustrates the ignorance of anybody who proclaims that they KNOW what that country's real food is. Knob heads!
Phil B^)

Anonymous said...

Ordered take out last night. Fairly bland, honey garlic pork was cold, hard and gross. Lots of veggies but over all not going back

Anonymous said...

Certainly not the best Chinese buffet...not the worst...but still very disappointed...will not go back there
Hong Kong House in Nanaimo....easy the best